Gay Surfers found on aussie shores, by FUSE mag

Written by Hayley MacDonald – Published by Fuse Magazine in Australia (March / April 2012) TEXT VERSION AUSTRALIA AS A NATION STANDS PROUD BEHIND ITS SURFER REPUTATION OF THE SUN BRONZED, MUSCLE TONED, SEXY SURFER GUY AND GIRL. We see pictures of board-short clad, six-pack carved bodies carrying their surfboard down the beach underneath their […]

Vision is Everything for Scott Needham

Scott Needham is a man of vision. As a professional photographer, he is one of the originators of the extreme sports genre of lifestyle and photography. His work is astonishingly beautiful and he possesses the rare gift of being able to define culture through his art, especially surf culture. Scott’s CV reads like a who’s […]

Where is Sarge (Paul Sargeant) ?

Originally published by stabmag Two years ago, surfing’s greatest photo journalist disappeared from the scene. Fred Pawle investigates why. “On chemicals, especially those ecstasy things, it’s not just possible but highly probable that you’ll do something you otherwise wouldn’t do. On chemicals literally anything is likely and even acceptable – until ground zero the following […]

Between Tubes and Taboos (english Version)

“Originally published by TRIP magazine Brazil – 24.10.2011 | By Sara Stopazzolli” – Thanks to Victor for the translation! Click here to read the article in Portuguese (original Version) The world of surf is way funnier than the stereotypes that are intended to us to believe – as a social network with more than 3.000 […]


Uma comunidade virtual com mais de 3 mil surfistas gays espalhados por 81 países. “Originally published by TRIP magazine Brazil – 24.10.2011 | Texto por Sara Stopazzolli” Click here to read the article in English Version O mundo do surf é muito mais diverso do que os estereótipos nos fazem crer – como prova uma […]

SHOUTOUT: The Tide Is Coming Out

Published by Next Magazine, New York, NY, 10013 The pro surf circuit may still have unresolved issues with homophobia, but the surf culture in New York has long been one of acceptance. In hopes that New York’s open-minded ethos will help move the circuit ethic away from discrimination—and in celebration of the Quicksilver Pro New […]

GS launch in Costa Rica

Dear fellow surfers, It my pleasure to introduce myself as one of the group admins for the Costa Rica group on Originally from Holland, I moved to beautiful Playa Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica only a few weeks ago to live the ultimate dream…. running our own surfschool and hostel. Although […]

Keala Kennelly: Beat on the Road

If women’s shortboarding were a song, Keala Kennelly would be the baseline. The deep, pulsating beat beneath the melody that keeps the tempo; the feeling of a heart beat pushing through a cacophony of noise. It’s no surprise that Keala is also a DJ, a mixologist of sound, finding the right beats to marry for […]

End of Summer Session in San Diego

“End of Summer” It wasn’t really the end of summer at the Oceanside north jetty last weekend, because…well, we all know that summers are endless in the surfing world. It was more like the beginning of a new set of friends gathering to celebrate endless new sets. The clouds broke and the sun shone as […]

Proliferating Stereotypes for Profit

Written by Cori Schumacher. Originally published by The Inertia on May 30th, 2011. In the world of surfing, as in any other cultural hegemony that values American masculinity to the exclusion of other perspectives, the feminine is the Other, the “like me but hotter,” and is conceived of as an object with a greater or […]


Getting a Push — Into the Whoosh It has been said, “When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.” Such is the nature of being part of a tribe. Sure, there’re the rites of passage, the tribal clothes, the signifiers of rank and dominance, […]

San Diego Chapter of GS at first annual meetup 2011

San Onofre is a State Park, home to many world renowned surf breaks. Trestles, Cotton, Middles, Church, Old Man’s, etc. Trail Six is to the very south. This natural beach is both a nude bathing refuge and is tangent to the Marine Corps military base of Camp Pendleton, one of America’s largest and most […]

10 Best Beginner Surf Spots Worldwide

By: Ryan Curtin Break Studios Contributing Writer Learning to surf is not easy, but getting wet at one of the world’s 10 best beginner surf spots worldwide may make learning to shred just a little bit more manageable. San Onofre, CA. While Trestles is considered one of the best performance breaks in the world, nearby […]

Gay surfers ready for an international wave

WRITTEN BY SERKAN OZTURK | 23 JUNE 2011 Published by City Voice newspaper On July 17, salty haired surfers from around the city will gather at the iconic Manly and Bondi beaches to take part in the first ever International Gay Surfers Day. The day has been organised by trailblazing website following the quick […]

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