Gay Surf Trip – California

SAN FRANCISCO TO LOS ANGELES From the crunchy granola coastline of Northern California to the star-studded Riviera towns of Southern California, the time-honored way to spy the Pacific dramatically kissing the West Coast is via road trip down California State Route 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway. With the California coast’s rolling hills […]

Dykes on Boards

By Cathay Che There’s no denying that while men still dominate the lineups in SoCal, more and more women are literally jumping on board. Laura Hershey, 41, gets out at least two times a week, and recently decided to look for new surfing buddies by placing an ad for a San Diego Dyke Surf Club. […]

The only gay surfers’ club

Tucked away in the nation’s most southwesterly corner on a perfectly sheltered harbor, mild mannered San Diego is continuously caressed by gentle sea winds that both cool it in the summer and warm it in the winter. The harbor provides the perfect setting for San Diego’s famous naval base and the subsequent surfeit of sailors […]

Surf diva

The beautiful waters off Costa Rica’s coastline provide some exquisite waves, and Surf Diva Costa Rica, an exclusive women’s surf school vacation, will help you enjoy them to the fullest. This weeklong excursion is for novice and experienced surfers who would never be satisfied just relaxing on the beach. The base camp is located on the […]

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is the jewel of Queensland’s Gold Coast and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. Surfers Paradise is where you’ll find the perfect fusion of city and beach lifestyles set amidst a spectacular skyline and brilliant stretch of coast. Once you arrive, you’ll soon feel that you’ve literally arrived in paradise. […]

Surfing Costa Rica’s paradise

Costa Rica feels like paradise because of its lush jungles, spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife, and varied landscape – all for less than you’d pay for a trip anywhere in Europe. But for gay and lesbian travelers in particular, Costa Rica has gained a well-earned reputation as a comfortable place to visit. True, its discos won’t […]

In Search of Gay Surfers

Writer Dennis Hensley explores why gay women who surf abound — they even have their own reality show — and yet finding blokes who are out, proud, and surf isn’t easy. By Dennis Hensley Though no openly gay male surfers compete on the professional tour, several out lesbians do, including former world champion Lynne Boyer. […]

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