Artist Stephen Milner’s Work Creates an Alternative, Queer Surf History

“A SPIRITUAL GOOD TIME” FLIPS SURF MEDIA’S HISTORICALLY-HETERO-MALE GAZE ON ITS HEAD Originally published by SURFER “Sex sells” is an adage that publishers and agency executives have embraced since time immemorial. And, historically speaking, perhaps no media space has committed to that line more than surfing. From John Peck’s classic “Penetrator” surfboard to Lightning Bolt… Continue reading Artist Stephen Milner’s Work Creates an Alternative, Queer Surf History

Get your GS stickers

A few members asked me where they could get GS stickers, so here they are : LOGO (fins) Classic Round Sticker by GaySurfers Browse Surfing Stickers online at LOGO + URL Square Sticker by GaySurfers Design personalized stickers and labels at Zazzle

Becoming Westerly (the book)

Jamie Brisick just announced the release of his book: Becoming Westerly: Surf Champion Peter Drouyn’s Transformation into Westerly Windina. “I first met Westerly in 2009 when I traveled to Australia to write a profile of her for The Surfer’s Journal. So began a five-year odyssey that would take me to Australia, Bangkok, and Hawaii. She’s… Continue reading Becoming Westerly (the book)

‘Boys Of Summer’ – paintings by Dan Webb

Dan Webb is a gay surfer from Byron Bay. He has been painting and drawing most of his life, he participated in ‘Pride week’ exhibitions , ‘World Environment week’ exhibition , several ‘Outloud’ (Mardi Gras) exhibitions at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, ‘Bentart’ in Katoomba, and ‘Tropical Fruits’ exhibition in Lismore. Dan has a passion for… Continue reading ‘Boys Of Summer’ – paintings by Dan Webb

Best SUBMISSIONS of 2012

The best things about is the 4500 members around the world who have a passion for surfing, the ocean and creative expressions. We’ve picked some of the best submissions from the last 12 months and wanted to share them here. And to encourage you to share your own pictures, stories, artwork and ideas on… Continue reading Best SUBMISSIONS of 2012