Out In The Line-up amazing review by Stu Nettle

“It started with a Google search. I typed in the words ‘gay’ and ‘surfer’” They’re not the first words spoken in Out In The Lineup but they make a fitting starting point for a review. Because although Out In The Lineup is a documentary it’s also a journey and those words are the embarkation point. They’re spoken by David Wakefield, […]

Breaking through waves of ignorance

by Steve Dow, Arts writer for SMH. As a child growing up in Santa Barbara, California, in the 1990s, Riley Herman would ride out into the surf on the nose of his dad’s long board, with his father behind him. Once he finished his architecture studies at university, Sydney beckoned, with a surfing culture much […]

Pro sports, still homophobic in 2014

Editor’s note: Hudson Taylor, a three-time NCAA All-American wrestler at the University of Maryland, is a wrestling coach at Columbia University and the founder and executive director ofAthlete Ally, a nonprofit organization that educates, encourages and empowers the athletic community to help end homophobia, transphobia and bullying. It is partnered with All Out on the Principle 6 Campaign around the […]

Haiyan and the Shattered Surfboards

All is SWELL… I grew up in a country composed of 7,107 islands with the most beautiful beaches and happiest people on Earth… thePhilippines. The Philippines is well-known because of it’s tropical maritime climate and one-of-a-kind culture. This country is also known as the summer capital on Earth, which is usually humid and hot, and […]

Time for surfing to rise to its LGBT responsibility

Recently, UK rugby star Ben Cohen said that it was important that professional athletes, if they are going to announce they are gay, do so at the top of their game. Cohen has stepped away from a successful, 15-year rugby career to dedicate his time and effort to an anti-bullying organisation that focuses on allying with LGBT youth to […]

World Champion surfer Cori Schumacher calls on Roxy to end ‘sexy’ ads and focus on female surfer’s skills on the water

Published by News.com.au A TOP female surfer upset by Roxy’s controversial ads featuring Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore is campaigning for the company to stop using “sexy” images of it’s women surfers. Three-time world champion surfer Cori Schumacher, who has posted her campaign at change.org, told The Los Angeles Times she was upset by the “all […]

Is there homophobia in surfing ? by Clifton Evers

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Queer Waves” in which I explained some of my experiences of, discussions about, and attitudes towards homosexuality and surfing. I’ve also written about gender, sexuality and growing up as a surfer in a book entitled Notes for a Young Surfer (2010). Subsequently, I have been asked questions […]

Surfer Serena Brooke makes waves in gay marriage debate

PROFESSIONAL surfer Serena Brooke and her partner share a home, finances and now twin daughters. But the couple, who are in a loving and committed relationship, say the future for couples like them looks grim. Brooke and her partner, artist partner Emma Sheldrake, said they had everything except the opportunity to be legally married in Australia. Prime […]

“The gays are coming” by Surf Europe

Published by Surf Europe The gays are coming! If you pardon the pun, it seems that gay surfers are attempting to claim their rightful spot in the line-up. Now in the old days, right about now I’d insert a gag about going the backdoor. In the old days you see, gays just didn’t surf. Surfing’s macho […]

Why Women’s Surfing is in the Deep End

Written by Clare Sullivan (Student/Writer/Surfer) Originally published by The Inertia Earlier this year, around the time of the inaugural Australian Open of Surfing in Manly, I found myself at a friend-of-a-friend’s barbecue. Of the twelve or so guests, my girlfriend and I were the only ones who weren’t female professional surfers. I didn’t need to be […]

Homophobia in Aussie Rules Football

SOMETIMES he’d say he had a girlfriend. In the world of Aussie rules football, Jason Ball thought he had to play up his ”blokeyness”. When teammates sledged opposition players, calling them ”homo” or ”fag”, he’d pretend not to care. Inside the footy club where he’d played since he was five, nobody knew he was gay. […]

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