The Rise of the Queer Surf Community

Article published in GQ magazine – by GABE BERGADO For many queer people, it’s hard to find spaces where we feel like we can thrive and be ourselves. Many of us find pride in nightlife; others meet fellow LGBTQ people through gay sports leagues, an opportunity to find chosen family while playing kickball or water polo. So the […]

Tabuthema: Werden schwule Surfer diskriminiert?

Homophobie im Sport ist nach wie vor ein großes Thema – dass aber sogar Surfer, die ja eigentlich als alternativ und offen gelten, schwule Wellenreiter diskriminieren, hättest du wohl nicht gedacht. Ein Franzose setzt sich jetzt dagegen ein. Article published by – Written by Justus Wildhagen Thomas Castets ist schwul, und er surft. Als der gebürtige […]

Fred Van Dyke : The Peril of Surf, 1968.

Van Dyke, Fred: The Peril of Surf. Life Australia, 1 April 1968. Photographs by Neil Leifer [Sports Illustrated], Leroy Grannis, Dr. Don James, Ron Church, George Silk and David Moore. Introduction In this article, apparently only published in the Australian edition, Fred Van Dyke recalled his years of commitment to big-wave riding and reflected on […]

Surfing: the sport of freedom? Not if you’re gay

Surfing: the sport of freedom? We often talk about how surfing is freedom, surfing is joy, surfing is an alternative lifestyle and a pure means of self expression. But many surfers still don’t feel so free: surfers who happen to be gay. Originally published by Caitlin Creeper on As the blog editor of a company that teaches […]

What’s Pro Surfing’s Transgender Policy?

Hint: There is none. Article published by Stab Mag At a professional level, men surf better than women. Maybe it’s the result of a decades-long support deficiency. Or the difference in hormones and, more specifically, the impact those hormones have on the mind and body. In mind, testosterone has been linked to aggression (it worked […]

Wilko driving a rainbow car in Byron Bay

In a recent STAB interview, pro surfer Matt Wilkinson (AKA Wilko) shows the rainbow car he was given by Holden to drive around in Byron Bay, to promote equality during Mardi Gras. Thanks to Holden and Wilko for embracing and supporting diversity in Surfing! Full video here Beach Chair: Matt Wilkinson from STAB on […]

A Surf Camp For The Gay Community Grows In Brazil

“Being good to yourself and finding community can be a powerful form of activism”by Keph Senett This week, a group of surfers will hit the beach in Florianópolis, Brazil, for what’s known amongst participants as “gay surf camp.” This year’s retreat may be the most important yet—and the reason has little to do with the […]

Article on Glen Walsh, by OUTERKNOWN

October 14 2015 – Written by Jamie Brisick and originally posted by OUTERKNOWN From inception, we at Outerknown have focused on doing things differently. The meaning of our mission is in our name – ‘the furthest reaches of what we understand today.’ With this in mind, we intend to bring stories forward that not only […]

Feature article in new GLC magazine

New magazine GLC reviewed “OUT in the line-up” as one of the 4 feature articles in the Summer issue “SURFS UP” By: Article By:Dan Cox For full Article Download Visit Thomas Castets is passionate about surfing. As a gay man, he be came frustrated with losing his straight counterparts to marriage and fatherhood. Castets […]

Taboo Tubes: Homosexuality in Surfing

Article by somethingyousaid As a Frenchman living in the coastal enclave of Bronte, Sydney, Thomas Castets surfs just about everyday. But around 2010 Castets began noticing a pattern among his surfing buddies – they’d marry off, have kids and lose valuable surfing time, leaving him out in the line up by himself. Whether it’s greater […]

Caught on camera: the homophobic world of surfing

A new documentary shines a light on gay surfers around the world, and finds secret lives, struggles for sponsorship – and even suicides Written by Will Coldwell, Originally published by When Thomas Castets sat down at his computer in Sydney four years ago and began writing a blog, he had one modest aim. “I […]

Some surfers may be gay. Deal with it.

  Look out there in the lineup. What do you see? Is it replete with svelte übermen with sculpted torsos whose predatory heterosexuality is written on their very being? Probably not. But look in the mainstream surf mags and industry image factories and you’d be forgiven for thinking surfing was the creed of some genetically […]

Why Aren’t There More Openly Gay Surfers?

A new surf film has shone light on a lesser-known side to the surf community. Cynthia Krueger investigates why prejudice is still engrained in surfing today Read more at When I began surfing in earnest eight years ago, the first women I met in the ocean were gay. I didn’t think much of it, since […]

He’s gay, he’s a surfer – get over it

By Rhea Mahbubani @ the Daily Pilot All it takes is one look at Thomas Castets for people to arrive at a conclusion — he must have a girlfriend. The sun-kissed surfer is then forced to drop somewhat of a bomb on them. “People just assume I’m straight,” Castets, 36, said. “So every time I […]


Un día Thomas Castets se hizo una pregunta que toda persona se ha hecho en algún momento: ¿Habrá alguien más como yo en el mundo? En las últimas décadas Internet ha facilitado esta búsqueda de intereses afines y ha generado vínculos improbables entre gente que jamás se hubiera encontrado de otra manera. Castets, entonces, buscó todas […]

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