Look out there in the lineup. What do you see? Is it replete with svelte übermen with sculpted torsos whose predatory heterosexuality is written on their very being? Probably not. But look in the [...]

Homosexuality is still very much taboo in the surfing community. Photo: Out In The Lineup

A new surf film has shone light on a lesser-known side to the surf community. Cynthia Krueger investigates why prejudice is still engrained in surfing today Read more at When I began surfing in earnest [...]


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( Natasha Chadwick / March 23, 2013 )
Thomas Castets, producer of "Out in the line-up"

By Rhea Mahbubani @ the Daily Pilot All it takes is one look at Thomas Castets for people to arrive at a conclusion — he must have a girlfriend. The sun-kissed surfer is then forced [...]


Un día Thomas Castets se hizo una pregunta que toda persona se ha hecho en algún momento: ¿Habrá alguien más como yo en el mundo? En las últimas décadas Internet ha facilitado esta búsqueda de intereses [...]


So last Friday night I went and saw Out in theLineup, which was showing as part of theByron Bay Film Festival. Out in the Lineup is that film about gay and lesbian surfers that you have been hearing [...]


“It started with a Google search. I typed in the words ‘gay’ and ‘surfer’” They’re not the first words spoken in Out In The Lineup but they make a fitting starting point for a review. Because although Out [...]


by Steve Dow, Arts writer for SMH. As a child growing up in Santa Barbara, California, in the 1990s, Riley Herman would ride out into the surf on the nose of his dad’s long board, [...]


Editor’s note: Hudson Taylor, a three-time NCAA All-American wrestler at the University of Maryland, is a wrestling coach at Columbia University and the founder and executive director ofAthlete Ally, a nonprofit organization that educates, encourages and [...]

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