Written on 16th July 2013 By Sam Haddad

I’m sorry to be writing about this again.

I want to move on as much as the next person but when you read comments such as “your army of dykes” on a pro surfer’s Facebook post in 2013 it just can’t be ignored. The words are from Warwick Wright and directed at Cori Schumacher, who Warwick is accusing of getting Chad Wells fired. See below with props to Chris Grant for the eloquent response.

Warwick-BillSA Warwick-Wright

I think the fact the former Quiksilver staffer typed the words “some butchy lesbos…representing surfing” might have seen to that no? Of course no one likes to see anyone lose their job but surfing is meant to be a progressive sport and these comments are just so damaging, for gay surfers, especially young ones growing up, straight surfers and in fact all humans with a sense of right from wrong.

It’s like the sport of surfing is pressing the self-destruct button and the world is watching and saying what the f**k. We thought surfing was about beautiful waves in beautiful places, about sharing the stoke, and now we just think it’s a joke.

Update! Warwick Wright also said “someone shoot that Cori feminist dyke“. What a charmer.



  1. I think racists and homophobes live in a bubble where bigotry is the norm and are therefore clueless how offensive their comments can be to the rest of the world. He probably thinks he is just offending homosexuals and is speaking for all the heterosexuals. It must be a rude awakening when they realize that most straights are just as offended by such bigotry.

  2. After coming back from the Vans US Open of surfing in Huntington beach this weekend it does not surprise me in the slightest that these willfully ignorant bigoted people exist in the surfing industry.
    The OC is full of white young people who think it’s ok and even common to call each other “faggit” (note the spelling that’s how they pronounce it) or “dyke”to someone who doesn’t fit the stereotype of current surf culture. Anything different is frightening to them and they have to attack it using these homophobic slurs as the ultimate insult.

    That’s why “Out in the line up” is such an important film. We have to start a dialog in surf culture in order gain our acceptance in it.

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