Did a Straight White Guy Produce This? (No points for the right answer)

Many of you have probably heard or seen the recent video Roxy did to promote the Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013.  It’s a bit of soft core porn with a “mystery” female surfer showing her very attractive bottom, bare back and tanned legs for almost 2 minutes.   Does she actually do any surfing?  Well, no.  But you do get yet another shot of her well formed butt paddling on a surfboard in the last few seconds of the video.

The video has received almost entirely negative press, and rightfully outraged a lot of women surfers who want to be judged by their ability to stand on a board, and not linger on a bed.

Cori Schumacher has launched a petition drive to let Roxy know it’s not allright and has already had over 1000 signatures.  She will be delivering it in person to Roxy.   It will be interesting to see if a former world champion surfer with a high level of class and dignity can get the same attention a young almost naked woman surfer can get.   You can add your name to the petition here.

And since this is a gay surfer site, and a lot of you readers are guys you may be wanting to know where’s the dude lounging on the bed, getting dressed and undressed all in the name of mass commercialism and selling some expensive merchandise.    Well thanks to some creative guys in France:

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