Gay Stereotypes and Gay Surfers

I recently read an article that was published by Surf Europe with regards to gay surfers. The article notes that there are very few gay or openly gay surfers and athletes in general. Through the article the author appears to point the finger at the “straight surfers” and their attitude towards gay people. I can’t […]

Best SUBMISSIONS of 2012

The best things about is the 4500 members around the world who have a passion for surfing, the ocean and creative expressions. We’ve picked some of the best submissions from the last 12 months and wanted to share them here. And to encourage you to share your own pictures, stories, artwork and ideas on […]

Queer surf teacher in New York

Conatus Surf Club is a small private surf lesson outfit founded (in 2000) and run by Di (Dionysos) Mattison (a transgender man). The method and philosophy of Conatus Surf Club is founded upon Di’s 25+ years surfing and his education in philosophy. It emphasizes a holistic approach to surfing which focuses on ocean knowledge, paddling […]

Beyond the Barricades

  I had a chance to see the movie Les Miserables over the holidays.    It was a great stage play, and a good movie, but someone should have told Russell Crowe not to miss so many of his singing lessons. Beyond that, and the fact that it’s the story of Frenchmen being played by Australians, […]

Gay Surfers documentary

A team from GS is preparing a documentary that examines the often taboo subject of homosexuality in surfing. The film will focus on pertinent historical and social issues. It will feature interviews from key pioneers and participants in the gay surfing movement from a variety of age groups and genders – as well as from […]

Vision is Everything for Scott Needham

Scott Needham is a man of vision. As a professional photographer, he is one of the originators of the extreme sports genre of lifestyle and photography. His work is astonishingly beautiful and he possesses the rare gift of being able to define culture through his art, especially surf culture. Scott’s CV reads like a who’s […]

Members contribution ideas

I joked with Thomas, the founder of, the first time I chatted with him on Skype, saying that I felt like I was meeting Unicorns (“You DO exist!”) when I met him and those gay surfers at my first San Diego meet-up. I’ve surfed with lesbian ladies often but had never come into contact […]

SHOUTOUT: The Tide Is Coming Out

Published by Next Magazine, New York, NY, 10013 The pro surf circuit may still have unresolved issues with homophobia, but the surf culture in New York has long been one of acceptance. In hopes that New York’s open-minded ethos will help move the circuit ethic away from discrimination—and in celebration of the Quicksilver Pro New […]

GS launch in Costa Rica

Dear fellow surfers, It my pleasure to introduce myself as one of the group admins for the Costa Rica group on Originally from Holland, I moved to beautiful Playa Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica only a few weeks ago to live the ultimate dream…. running our own surfschool and hostel. Although […]

End of Summer Session in San Diego

“End of Summer” It wasn’t really the end of summer at the Oceanside north jetty last weekend, because…well, we all know that summers are endless in the surfing world. It was more like the beginning of a new set of friends gathering to celebrate endless new sets. The clouds broke and the sun shone as […]

GS launch in Canada

Hello to all in the Canada Group! It’s great to be here on and of course in Canada. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel and I live in beautiful Victoria, BC. I’m a twenty-four year old self trained electronics designer, auto technician, musician, and of course surfer! And yes, I’m […]

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