Queer surf teacher in New York

Conatus Surf Club is a small private surf lesson outfit founded (in 2000) and run by Di (Dionysos) Mattison (a transgender man). The method and philosophy of Conatus Surf Club is founded upon Di’s 25+ years surfing and his education in philosophy. It emphasizes a holistic approach to surfing which focuses on ocean knowledge, paddling efficiency, and social/ethical awareness.

Lessons are aimed to equip beginning surfers with a more comprehensive view of surfing that will allow them to get the most out of each session and to set realistic goals (standing up the first time is not a realistic, nor is it a helpful goal, but in some cases it does happen). Di also teaches/coaches intermediate and advanced surfers looking to get more out of their practice. The way lessons work: you email Di and set up a time and place that works for the both of you. An individual lesson is $200 a person. No more 3 people in one session. To learn more about Conatus Surf Club please visit www.conatussurfclub.blogspot.com

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