GS at Raglan Pride (New Zealand) VIDEO

check out our video from our entry to the pride parade over the weekend : Massiv effort by the small town team, sending it with style to the big city… The crew represents rural New Zealand being as-good-as cities for celebration of diversity.  We stand for nature, a vibrant mixing of straight ‘n’ gay in […]

Letter and Art from Albertmorell

Dear Thomas, Jonathan, and all the members of the, What a wonderful discovery to get informations about your activities. I am not a surfer, but my brother and all his friends are hardcore kite surfers. Unfortunately, I never learned to surf, but love to be inside, near or on the water. The mixture of […]

Surf, Yoga and fun in San Sebastian

SPEND A WEEK IN ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SURF-CITIES IN EUROPE WHILE YOU LEARN TO SURF, DO YOGA AND DISCOVER THE MAGNIFICENT TOWN OF SAN SEBASTIAN If you’re are looking to spend a week this summer improving your surf, but also relaxing and discovering some of the greatest cuisine in the world, this is the package for you! […]

Letter from Rus

I was at the “Out in the Lineup” California premiere in Costa Mesa. Enjoyed the movie and getting to meet Keala Kennelly. I believe the film itself is emblematic of the very issue you were dealing with, and that’s uncovering enough gay surfers to make the effort representative of all the sport’s gay participants. When […]

Kelsey & friends at Manhattan beach, California

I recently got into surf photography and video composition/editing in general, and I’ve never made a surf video before. So I asked my good friend Kelsey, whom I met on this site, if I could shoot some footage of her surfing, she said yes! And I pulled out my dirty cheap point and shoot digital […]

How real surfer girls roll

Hannah and Dannie – The Real Deal If you’re sick of sexxed up Roxy videos and Alana’s ass, get a load of these cheeky lasses and their bobble hats. Real surfer girls, surfing real waves in winter – and they’ll make you laugh. Before Hannah Bristow and Dannie become superstars and have no time to […]

‘Boys Of Summer’ – paintings by Dan Webb

Dan Webb is a gay surfer from Byron Bay. He has been painting and drawing most of his life, he participated in ‘Pride week’ exhibitions , ‘World Environment week’ exhibition , several ‘Outloud’ (Mardi Gras) exhibitions at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, ‘Bentart’ in Katoomba, and ‘Tropical Fruits’ exhibition in Lismore. Dan has a passion for […]

Creating Change

In the United States two major cases were before the supreme court this past week. Both addressing homosexuality and it’s place in this country. One is California’s Proposition 8 a law banning same-sex marriage. The second being DOMA, Defensive of Marriage Act. According to most polls, gay marriage acceptance is up over 55%. The fact […]

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