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A team from GS is preparing a documentary that examines the often taboo subject of homosexuality in surfing. The film will focus on pertinent historical and social issues. It will feature interviews from key pioneers and participants in the gay surfing movement from a variety of age groups and genders – as well as from non-gay pro- and antagonists.
The film will portray the growing sense of community among gay surfers and their bid for public awareness and acceptance in and out of the water.

We are looking for film-making professionals, talented young surfers (as we already have some older surfers – but the young ones are proving elusive to find)  as well as people with interesting and moving stories to tell.

Shooting start in San Diego in October, then in Australia in February and Rio in July.

Interested partes please contact

22 thoughts on “Gay Surfers documentary

    1. Hey Brody, thanks for your interest in the doco. We are currently looking for some talented young gay surfers who would like to speak on camera, and who are pretty good in the waves – to shoot some surfing footage with. Any tips?
      We will be in San Diego in October. There will be a GS party aroudn that time. Come along 🙂 Ian

    1. Hey Bruno, thanks for your reply about the doco. We are planning on coming to Brazil in July 2013 to film some interviews and shoot some surfing. Are you, or do you know of any talented surfers who would be prepared to speak about their experiences on camera? Ian

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the support.
    We are still looking for people with film making experience to be part of the team. And we are always keen to hear about talented and passionate surfers, so if you know any, please send them our way.


    1. Hey Joey, thanks for your comment.
      We are looking for some young surfers (gay and straight) to speak about their experiences on camera. Would you be interested and/or do you know of any people who might be? We would also like to find some really talented gay surfers to shoot some surfing sequences with if you know any.

  2. It’s sound like an amazing project specially if it is balanced.
    Would love to help with my experience in media design and project. But i live very far from you all.

    Wish you a great adventure and amazing shootage.

  3. I think this is a worthwhile project for sure. But I think the project does not go far enough. What about the older surfers that have done the time in the water that are gay & their experience of being open with it or have had to hide being gay for one fear or another. Also I am thinking what about our sister surfers and not to mention the other letters in LGBT.
    As I said I think this documentary is worthwhile but I think it should be expanded to be all inclusive to the whole of the Gay Community.

    1. Hey Cris, thanks for your interest in the project. We have already got some good contacts to older surfers – and their stories will certainly be told. This creates a context for a discussion about the current situation. We also already have contact to some very interesting female surfers and their voice will also be part of the documentary. Interestingly it is proving challenging finding younger surfers who are prepared to speak on camera – that is why the call has gone out over this website to find some. We hope that this story about homosexuality in surfing will have universal significance and mirror what is happening in the larger community – thereby giving it a relevance far beyond surfing alone.
      Regards, Ian

    1. Hey Rocky, we will be in San Diego from the 12.10 to the 26.10.
      Are you in contact with the other guys and girls from the gay Surfers group in San Diego? They are organozing a couple of event while we are there.
      What is your story? Are you a keen surfer?
      Regards, Ian

  4. I’m really happy to hear about your surf documentary. It would be great to finally see real gay life shown on the big screen. I live near the La Paloma theatre in Encinitas, Ca., famous for showing Surf flicks when they come out. It would be so cool to see your film premier there. lots of gays in town.

    1. Hey Augie, thanks for your message of support for the doco. I think having thre world premiere in La Paloma in Encinitas is a fabulous idea. It would be great to see you there 🙂

      R, Ian

  5. Hey Augie, thing are really coming together with the doco. We have filmed some great interviews to date. We are still looking for opportuntities to hear from young gay surfers, straight pro surfers and the surfing industry. Many people support the project, but are a little reserved about speaking on camera. But we are on to it. Thanks for your support.

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