Mardi Gras – GS float planning

Thanks guys for turning up last night at the lounge. Here is a summary of what we talked about yesterday; ATTENDANCE There are now 12 people that are definitely joining on the parade and another 11 maybes! (check list of attendees on the event page: To join you must be a surfer (gay, bi, […]


Here is what some of the members send me: I just wanted to say thanks for starting this site. I’ve recently come out and finding this site has been really helpful. I’m stoked to see a gay and surfing related site that isn’t porn! Kevin Thanks. I hope this site takes off. Plenty of gay […]

Gay Shaper in Kauai – New website

Hi My name is Michael Soule (soul) and I’m a Gay Surfer/Shaper. I have just launched my new site . The site has been a longtime coming, but I finally did it with the help of my better half Mark Bedford… Weeks of editing and sleepless nights have poured into this project until recently […]

New Report


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