Russia’s anti-gay law target of vodka boycott as Olympic pressure ramps up

NEW YORK — Russian vodka and the Winter Olympics in Sochi. For now, those are the prime targets as gays in the United States and elsewhere propose boycotts and other tactics to convey their outrage over Russia’s intensifying campaign against gay-rights activism. At many gay bars across North America, owners have joined a campaign to… Continue reading Russia’s anti-gay law target of vodka boycott as Olympic pressure ramps up


Written on 16th July 2013 By Sam Haddad I’m sorry to be writing about this again. I want to move on as much as the next person but when you read comments such as “your army of dykes” on a pro surfer’s Facebook post in 2013 it just can’t be ignored. The words are from Warwick… Continue reading HEY HOMOPHOBIC SURFERS, YOU’RE KILLING YOUR SPORT

Is there homophobia in surfing ? by Clifton Evers

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Queer Waves” in which I explained some of my experiences of, discussions about, and attitudes towards homosexuality and surfing. I’ve also written about gender, sexuality and growing up as a surfer in a book entitled Notes for a Young Surfer (2010). Subsequently, I have been asked questions… Continue reading Is there homophobia in surfing ? by Clifton Evers

Homophobia in Aussie Rules Football

SOMETIMES he’d say he had a girlfriend. In the world of Aussie rules football, Jason Ball thought he had to play up his ”blokeyness”. When teammates sledged opposition players, calling them ”homo” or ”fag”, he’d pretend not to care. Inside the footy club where he’d played since he was five, nobody knew he was gay.… Continue reading Homophobia in Aussie Rules Football

Hillary’s Human Rights & GLBT

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Just a few days ago, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation as she addressed the UN to strongly argue the need for all people to be ‘free and equal in dignity and rights’, including Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual people. Outlining five key issues for the world and its leaders to consider,… Continue reading Hillary’s Human Rights & GLBT

Where is Sarge (Paul Sargeant) ?

Originally published by stabmag Two years ago, surfing’s greatest photo journalist disappeared from the scene. Fred Pawle investigates why. “On chemicals, especially those ecstasy things, it’s not just possible but highly probable that you’ll do something you otherwise wouldn’t do. On chemicals literally anything is likely and even acceptable – until ground zero the following… Continue reading Where is Sarge (Paul Sargeant) ?

Between Tubes and Taboos (english Version)

“Originally published by TRIP magazine Brazil – 24.10.2011 | By Sara Stopazzolli” – Thanks to Victor for the translation! Click here to read the article in Portuguese (original Version) The world of surf is way funnier than the stereotypes that are intended to us to believe – as a social network with more than 3.000… Continue reading Between Tubes and Taboos (english Version)

Proliferating Stereotypes for Profit

For every one shot of a woman actually surfing, there were twelve and a half more images of men surfing. Unfortunately, in both image and content, the surf media is right in-line with mainstream sports whose own media often trivializes and minimizes the accomplishments of female athletes. Alana Blanchard. Photo:

Written by Cori Schumacher. Originally published by The Inertia on May 30th, 2011. In the world of surfing, as in any other cultural hegemony that values American masculinity to the exclusion of other perspectives, the feminine is the Other, the “like me but hotter,” and is conceived of as an object with a greater or… Continue reading Proliferating Stereotypes for Profit

Cori’s introduction letter to the GS women’s GROUP

Hello Ladies, My name is Cori Schumacher and Thomas Green has asked me to help him with the women’s group here on I’d like to tell you a little about myself in introduction. I have been surfing since I was 5 years old, having learned from a mother and father who themselves both surfed.… Continue reading Cori’s introduction letter to the GS women’s GROUP