Artist surfer from Greece

On a recent trip to Greece I was told I had to meet Dimitris Liossis a greek gay surfer. I was also told he was one of the best BMX rider in Greece, one of the best snowboarder in Greece, skate-boarder and many other extreme sports ! Dimitri is also an artist and his latest work […]


Raglan was represented at the Auckland Pride Parade for the second year runing, again taking an eclectic mix of characters under the banner of ‘Farmers, Surfers and Assorted Strays’. The float included ‘No Way TPPA’, and Radical Faerie NZ banners, while DJ Chris Rayner played what many spectators rated as the best sounds in […]

Waves of Disruption: The Cori Schumacher Story

Waves of Disruption: The Cori Schumacher Story from SeaLevelTV on Vimeo. “Waves of Disruption: The Cori Schumacher Story” is SeaLevelTV’s second short film in their “Saltwater Daughters” series. In this short documentary film, Cori opens up about her upbringing and the often traumatic events that influences her life’s work. She holds many hard-won distinctions including […]

Sports advert slams Russia anti-gay law: video

XXL all sports united ‘s new commercial “Airport Love” was created for the sports and outdoor market in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The films message is that sport is for everyone, no matter what team you play for. The film premiered at the same time as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Of many […]

Kelsey & friends at Manhattan beach, California

I recently got into surf photography and video composition/editing in general, and I’ve never made a surf video before. So I asked my good friend Kelsey, whom I met on this site, if I could shoot some footage of her surfing, she said yes! And I pulled out my dirty cheap point and shoot digital […]

Shoot in Kiama – Out in the line up

This is a rough cut shot by our new camera-woman Kim Brick. We shot interviews and surfing footage of a group of lesbian surfers for he documentary “OUT in the line-up”, south of Sydney last week. The waves were small but the weather gave us all beautiful lights, sunrise, sunset, rain and clouds. And it […]

Drown (The Movie)

Another feature film about a gay surfer is currently in Production: Three surf lifesavers on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying. Based on the acclaimed play by Stephen Davis and following the themes of Dean Francis’ controversial short Boys Grammar, DROWN is […]

Cori Schumacher, surfing in Cardiff, California

While the 2011 ASP Women’s Longboard World Title was being decided in the faraway land of China, Jettygirl met up with three-time women’s longboard world champion Cori Schumacher at her home break in Cardiff, California. Cori already surfs with beautiful style but add a special single fin surfboard shaped by Ashley Lloyd and it adds […]

A day in the life of gay surfers

We are making a short video that contains footage from at least 20 different gay surfers. The reason being is to present who gay surfers are, and show through a video how diverse our lifestyles can be. The greater variety of lifestyles of gay surfers represented , the more accurate the image of GS. Michael, […]

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