Hillary’s Human Rights & GLBT

Just a few days ago, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation as she addressed the UN to strongly argue the need for all people to be ‘free and equal in dignity and rights’, including Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual people.
Outlining five key issues for the world and its leaders to consider, this speech will add a clear political voice to the myriad of media which exists in the discussion on equal rights for GLBT people around the world.
The speech goes for 30:11 and you won’t want to switch off – it’s incredibly empowering.

To hear/see speech, click here Hillary Clinton’s Landmark Speech on LGBT & Human Rights

The transcript is also available – Hillary Geneva

Story by David Wakefield

Contributing member Michael@bearacuda

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  1. That is an amazing speech… There are still many people around us who really need to hear this, I have forwarded to friends and family …. Thanks for sharing David and Michael…

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