‘Boys Of Summer’ – paintings by Dan Webb

Dan Webb is a gay surfer from Byron Bay. He has been painting and drawing most of his life, he participated in ‘Pride week’ exhibitions , ‘World Environment week’ exhibition , several ‘Outloud’ (Mardi Gras) exhibitions at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, ‘Bentart’ in Katoomba, and ‘Tropical Fruits’ exhibition in Lismore.
Dan has a passion for the ocean and wilderness, Aussie lifesavers, surfing and surfers, that inspire him for his art, and these works. His first solo exhibition in 2007, ‘Boys of Summer’, was at Mr Marys Hotel Redfern, a celebration of the iconic, classic Aussie lifesaver image.
Selling some pieces there and afterwards, Dan also paints, draws and collage all sorts of different styles and mediums.
Some of the paintings below have already sold, some are still available for sale, they are all oil on canvas.
To contact Dan go to his profile: https://www.gaysurfers.net/members/dansurf.

'boatman' oil on canvas- $250

'bronze' oil on canvas- $150

surf (6)

surf (5) Stormfront

surf (4) Cheyne Horan

surf (3)

surf (2) Ian Cairns







'watching' oil on canvas- $200

'stretched' oil on canvas- $200


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