I just watched ”Out in the Lineup” and was blown away, by Mark Wenham

I just watched ”Out in the Line-up” and was blown away. I grew up In Florida surfing on the East coast and always felt ostracized for who I was. I truly identified with the film; the piece on surfing media was particularly intriguing to me. I remember as a kid looking at the magazines and seeing all the women in their bathing suits, and hating myself because I wasn’t attracted to them. I live in NYC now and will be for the next year…missing surfing. The water is so cold here, and I have to take a train just to get the beach (left my car home in Florida)!! I feel as though part of the reason I got away from surfing is because I wanted to explore myself, and my sexuality. I didn’t see a place for me as both a surfer and a gay man. I recently took a trip home and went surfing and had so much fun…I’m sad I let it go for the past several years. So much so that I booked a trip to Tamarindo in Costa Rica this summer; I’ve already made one contact down there from this website who I plan on meeting up with and paddling out. I’m sure you get lots of these messages but I just wanted to say thank you for creating GaySurfers.net/, the film, and for opening up the door that’s been bolted shut for so many years, for so many people all over the world.


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