GS at Raglan Pride (New Zealand) VIDEO

check out our video from our entry to the pride parade over the weekend :

Massiv effort by the small town team, sending it with style to the big city…

The crew represents rural New Zealand being as-good-as cities for celebration of diversity.  We stand for nature, a vibrant mixing of straight ‘n’ gay in and out of the ocean, on the farm and at festivals, we welcome the strays, the radical faeries; and we grow Aotearoa for the future generations of queers and gay-surfers to come.


4 thoughts on “GS at Raglan Pride (New Zealand) VIDEO

    1. it was a sensationally good time with a great crew… had a number of randoms come up in the street afterwards too to say we had the best sounds and looked like we were having the most fun of all the floats… Great to fly the Gay Surfers banner too.

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