Letter and Art from Albertmorell

Dear Thomas, Jonathan, and all the members of the Gaysurfers.net,

What a wonderful discovery to get informations about your activities. I am
not a surfer, but my brother and all his friends are hardcore kite surfers.

Unfortunately, I never learned to surf, but love to be inside, near or on
the water. The mixture of beeing in the water, sunshine, waves mixed with
the sexiness and beauty of attractive people on surfboards is quite

Of course, if you visit surf competitions/festivals, it`s all about
mostly heterosexual alpha males and big egos, but who cares.

Most of the surfers are not only very competitive, but foremost also
having a sensitivity about the magic and blessings of the powers of
water, the sea and the nature. So in general, they are also quite relaxed
about no matter what gender you are. At the beach, we are all the same!
Aren`t we?!

In my profession as a graphic designer, I ve always done some surf
related illustrations, which I send over to you, and please feel free to use

Wish you all a very successful continuation with your G.S.Net,

Beach_lovers_small SURFER_2015-3

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