Boys’ Club

This vid raises some great points about the way women are viewed, not just in skateboarding, but in the wider world of action sports too. It makes you think about all the women out there who are going up against these boys’ clubs every day… let’s take this message to heart and get people in […]

Becoming Westerly (the book)

Jamie Brisick just announced the release of his book: Becoming Westerly: Surf Champion Peter Drouyn’s Transformation into Westerly Windina. “I first met Westerly in 2009 when I traveled to Australia to write a profile of her for The Surfer’s Journal. So began a five-year odyssey that would take me to Australia, Bangkok, and Hawaii. She’s […]

The inertia new logo

The online surf mag “The Inertia” recently updated their logo by inserting the rainbow flag inside their classic minimalist blue and white wave logo. I could not resist to share it with you on our website and social networks, to illustrate my happiness that a traditional surf media finally openly supports same-sex marriage (legalized in the […]

‘GAME FACE’ lgbt sports documentary at FilmOut San Diego

GAME FACE is screening, this Saturday, May 30, at 3pm at The Observatory – North Park, 2891 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92104. Info & Tickets: GAME FACE shows the quest to self-realization of LGBTQ athletes and the acceptance in society. This documentary tells the parallel story of Fallon Fox, MMAs first transgender pro […]

Bodyboard mag looking for gay bodyboarders

A bodyboarding publication is looking for gay bodyboarders who would be willing to chat about their experiences in and out of the water for a story on the taboo of homosexuality in bodyboarding. We would like to find out about an aspect of the sport that has so far largely remained hidden and promote increased […]

Homophobia in Sports: It Doesn’t Just Affect Gay People

A new study from Australia suggests there are high levels of homophobia across Australia’s sporting world, and it reveals an interesting fact: homophobia doesn’t just affect LGB players, either. The study, called “Out on the Fields,” is the first national data analysis of its kind, aimed to catch a glimpse at whether the sporting world in Australia is […]

Gay surfer film Out In The Lineup hits the big screen, wins awards

While many sports are enjoying an awakening that gays can actually be accomplished athletes, there’s one sport that’s still deep in denial. Which is ironic since it’s the sport that’s celebrated for being free-spirited, rebelling against the status quo and filled with chill individuals. Surfing. That may change with the new documentary “Out In The […]

Documentary on gay surfers wins Rainbow Award at Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival and continues to screen around the world

AWARD We just won our 5th AWARD!!! Rainbow Award – at the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival FESTIVALS USA – San Francisco – June 27 AUSTRALIA – Adelaide – June 29 BRAZIL – Rio de Janeiro – July 3 USA – Honolulu – July 8 & 18 FRANCE – Anglet – July 12 INDONESIA – Bali – July 18-20 SOUTH AFRICA – Durban – July 22 More festival dates across the world will be […]

Olive Bowers hits out at surfer sexism

Olive Bowers is not exactly a veteran of the ocean, but at 13 she has enough experience to know what she likes and what she doesn’t when it comes to surfing. Best is catching a clean wave in the summer; worst is some of the sexism that still lingers in the sport. What she encountered […]

Keala Kennelly at TEDxMalibu

Keala Kennelly recently delivered a fully thought provoking speech on the appeal of big wave surfing at TEDxMalibu. “I was so excited to ride that beautiful wave (Teahupoo). People think that I have no fear but I’m terrified,” she said. “Once you’ve felt something like that and you know it exists, it’s impossible to pretend it’s not […]

Mizzou’s Michael Sam says he’s gay

Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman from Missouri and the Associated Press’ SEC Defensive Player of the Year, said that he is gay in an interview with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” on Sunday. Sam stated publicly what his teammates and coaches at Mizzou have known since August: “I am an openly, proud gay man.” Sam is eligible […]

Homophobia sport’s next big challenge

Will the first All Black to out himself as gay be the bravest man in sport in this country, or will the announcement be received with the acclaim Trevor Mallard’s witty, good natured endorsement of same sex marriage did? Officials in sport all over the world have acknowledged racism as an evil that should be […]

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