Bodyboard mag looking for gay bodyboarders

Photo: John Pullan
Photo: John Pullan

A bodyboarding publication is looking for gay bodyboarders who would be willing to chat about their experiences in and out of the water for a story on the taboo of homosexuality in bodyboarding.
We would like to find out about an aspect of the sport that has so far largely remained hidden and promote increased diversity and tolerance among our readership. Drop us a line if you’d be keen for a chat! PM me via

5 thoughts on “Bodyboard mag looking for gay bodyboarders

  1. its an interesting piece of news but i am curious about their motives, I have been bodyboarding for 23 years i am now 44 and still love the sport although injury and work commitments have seen me spend less time in the water.

    Knowing how homophobic the sport really is and the horrible movies they put out and the sheer lack of immaturity this sport has i think there are bigger issues the sport needs to address first. for anyone to take notice the sport itself needs to grow up, once that happens then they may be able to handle the subject of homophobia. I mean you dont even hear from Mike Stewart anymore and what has happened to all the aussie pioneers of the sport in the early 90’s. its like if their not 17 or 18 and charging giant wedging reefs the sport doesn’t want to know. I use to reed riptide and bodyboard mag until i got to old for it, sadly its still a kids magazine. you put a story about gay bodyboarders in a kids magazine is a recipe for trouble and sensationalism

  2. They are *asking* for gay bodyboarders to come forward. They *want* to show gay bodyboarders everywhere that there are more than teeny boppers trying to be men paddling out into waves.

    So, show them what it means to be a gay man in the surf for you. Many voices and stories make for the community of surfers and bodyboarders. Take heart! Have courage!

  3. Hello , I ‘m 40 years old and I was a professional bodyboarder for many years. I was pleased to join the GOB (Global Organization of Bodyboarding) representing my country . Today, I don’t surf very often and I live far from the beach, but whenever I can, I go to places that I can surf. I got a beautiful son that I adopted at birth in 2008 and together we go to Hawaii almost every year during the summer. Just private me and I will be ok to talk more.

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