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The online surf mag “The Inertia” recently updated their logo by inserting the rainbow flag inside their classic minimalist blue and white wave logo. I could not resist to share it with you on our website and social networks, to illustrate my happiness that a traditional surf media finally openly supports same-sex marriage (legalized in the United States on June 26, 2015 !).
I have embed the facebook post below for you to see the reactions of some of the Inertia’s subscribers, some thanking the magazine while others posted “Lost one subscriber”. Many members comment that a surf mag should NOT be involved in politics. I can’t believe that some people refuse to challenge the obvious homophobia and sexism that are so deeply rooted in our surfing culture.
So, thank you The Inertia for publishing this photo and inviting surfers to think and talk (even if it means losing a few subscribers)

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