Becoming Westerly (the book)

Jamie Brisick just announced the release of his book: Becoming Westerly: Surf Champion Peter Drouyn’s Transformation into Westerly Windina.

“I first met Westerly in 2009 when I traveled to Australia to write a profile of her for The Surfer’s Journal. So began a five-year odyssey that would take me to Australia, Bangkok, and Hawaii. She’s a fabulous piece of work”

“Peter was always looking for a princess, he wanted to find his princess. Unfortunately, the princess was me. I’m the princess that Peter always wanted but never met.”

“I had some great times with her. And some horrible times, too. The actual writing of the book took place in Sydney and Encinitas, California. I put my head down and worked around the clock—I’ve never immersed myself so deeply in a project. It felt wonderful and exhilarating”

You can check out the book here.


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