Tabuthema: Werden schwule Surfer diskriminiert?

Homophobie im Sport ist nach wie vor ein großes Thema – dass aber sogar Surfer, die ja eigentlich als alternativ und offen gelten, schwule Wellenreiter diskriminieren, hättest du wohl nicht gedacht. Ein Franzose setzt sich jetzt dagegen ein. Article published by – Written by Justus Wildhagen Thomas Castets ist schwul, und er surft. Als der gebürtige […]

Fred Van Dyke : The Peril of Surf, 1968.

Van Dyke, Fred: The Peril of Surf. Life Australia, 1 April 1968. Photographs by Neil Leifer [Sports Illustrated], Leroy Grannis, Dr. Don James, Ron Church, George Silk and David Moore. Introduction In this article, apparently only published in the Australian edition, Fred Van Dyke recalled his years of commitment to big-wave riding and reflected on […]

SurfClub support for gay marriage

Glad to see the Tamarama SLSC Surf Life Saving Club express support for gay marriage in Australia ! On Sunday 8 October, more than 5,000 people will walk from Bondi to Coogee as part of the Rainbow Walk in a show of support for love and equality. As Sydney’s most inclusive Surf Lifes Saving Club, […]

Surfing: the sport of freedom? Not if you’re gay

Surfing: the sport of freedom? We often talk about how surfing is freedom, surfing is joy, surfing is an alternative lifestyle and a pure means of self expression. But many surfers still don’t feel so free: surfers who happen to be gay. Originally published by Caitlin Creeper on As the blog editor of a company that teaches […]

Les saints de Kiko

I am a gay surfer from France, in the process of making a film in Hossegor, south west France called “Les saints de Kiko“. The film tells the story of a japanese female illustratrator who spies on and draws men making love on the beach. The drawings will be made by Gengoroh Tagame (the pope […]


Gay Surf Brazil is the only LGBT Surf Camp in South America. Now on its 4th edition, it provides a safe and friendly environment for those in the community wanting to learn to surf or just to practice their surf amongst friends. To book please contact The camp is held annually in partnership with and […]

THE INVISIBLE EDGE free screening

I am the director of the film OUT in the line-up, I thought you might like to know that my film latest short film THE INVISIBLE EDGE is a finalist in the MINDSCAPE FILM FESTIVAL in L.A. The film is currently screening online, but will only be available until the 3.8.17. I am asking people […]

What’s Pro Surfing’s Transgender Policy?

Hint: There is none. Article published by Stab Mag At a professional level, men surf better than women. Maybe it’s the result of a decades-long support deficiency. Or the difference in hormones and, more specifically, the impact those hormones have on the mind and body. In mind, testosterone has been linked to aggression (it worked […]

Wilko driving a rainbow car in Byron Bay

In a recent STAB interview, pro surfer Matt Wilkinson (AKA Wilko) shows the rainbow car he was given by Holden to drive around in Byron Bay, to promote equality during Mardi Gras. Thanks to Holden and Wilko for embracing and supporting diversity in Surfing! Full video here Beach Chair: Matt Wilkinson from STAB on […]

A Surf Camp For The Gay Community Grows In Brazil

“Being good to yourself and finding community can be a powerful form of activism”by Keph Senett This week, a group of surfers will hit the beach in Florianópolis, Brazil, for what’s known amongst participants as “gay surf camp.” This year’s retreat may be the most important yet—and the reason has little to do with the […]

The gay surfers business directory

I get a lot of messages from members (gay surfers) wondering where to find a gay friendly surf resort, or surf shops, places to go to, places to stay around the world. So I’ve decided to launch a new gay surfers directory of gay friendly accommodation, restaurants, surf-schools, surf-shop around the world. Do you […]


Gay surfers gathered at Piha Beach for the annual Pride surf session, part of Auckland Pride Festival. Head high surf with occasional bigger set waves! Fun day if challenging size for some of us. International with France, USA, Germany and Australia represented, and a bunch of Kiwis. Awesome to meet up with previous attendees and […]


SUNDAY 19 FEBRUARY, 10AM-MIDDAY PIHA BEACH  11 MARINE PARADE SOUTH, PIHA FREE EVENT Join the Gay Surfers for a surf session at Piha Beach, followed by a shared lunch at a local beach house. Then some more surfing! All welcome, with a spare board or two available, if you need to borrow one. For more […]

Deep Water – The Real Story

Deep Water – The Real Story is a feature-length documentary presenting first-hand accounts of Sydney’s gay hate killings in the 1980s and 1990s. This documentary unravels the stories of a society in the grips of homophobia as gangs stalked vulnerable victims on the coastline cliffs, brutal gay bashings were carried out, and lives were ended […]

The Ghost Ship

THE GHOST SHIP from Brett Shaw on Vimeo. Life can be brutal. Often we focus on the joy and fun and freedom of surfing. There they are, these pleasures of surfing sparkling in the water, rising in us as we jump to our feet, filling us as we feel our strength pulling us into a […]

The Invisible Edge – crowdfunding

Ian Thomson, the director behind OUT IN THE LINEUP, is now working on his next project: a short film and website called THE INVISIBLE EDGE. To participate go to The film looks at the mental health issues facing men in rural Australia. Ian hopes that through storytelling he can help connect those in need […]

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