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GAME FACE is screening, this Saturday, May 30, at 3pm at The Observatory – North Park, 2891 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92104. Info & […]


A bodyboarding publication is looking for gay bodyboarders who would be willing to chat about their experiences in and out of the water for a […]


My epiphany came in the glare of the setting sun through my windshield as I drove the winding back roads home after an amazing autumn […]


A new study from Australia suggests there are high levels of homophobia across Australia’s sporting world, and it reveals an interesting fact: homophobia doesn’t just […]

Out In The Lineup explores homophobia faced by gay surfers.

While many sports are enjoying an awakening that gays can actually be accomplished athletes, there’s one sport that’s still deep in denial. Which is ironic […]


AWARD We just won our 5th AWARD!!! Rainbow Award – at the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival FESTIVALS USA – San Francisco – June 27 AUSTRALIA – Adelaide – June 29 […]


“OUT in the line-up” Aussie doco on gay surfers wins Best Action Sports Film Award at Newport Beach Film Festival While many sports are enjoying […]


This week all of the heads of the big pro sports league in Australia gathered with organizers of the Bingham Cup to pledge their support for ending […]

David Pocock Australian Wallaby

The heads of the five largest sporting codes in Australia are set to make a historic commitment tomorrow towards wiping out homophobia in sport as […]

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