Casting Queer female surfer for car adversting NYC

Casting female identifying surfers, swimmers, divers and ocean lovers, aged 30-50in NYC for paid opportunity
-> for a commercial (will be on social media) It’s for a car company, can’t say which just yet! 
The premise is that we see our cast of real people in different scenes of daily life and then they come together at the end for a gathering as a chosen family of LGBT persons + allies. One of these is a water oriented female identifying person (surfer, diver, swimmer, etc).
– Director  – Jason Evans
– Location  – NYC area
– Dates  – Casting May 12th (will take about an hour, anytime b/t 10-4pm)
– Fitting May 17th and Shooting May 18th
– Rate – $2,050
– Usage – 1 year
– social & digital only
– Conflicts  – If you have been featured in another automotive commercial.
– Roles   – all persons aged 30-40s years old
– 1x water oriented woman identifier – role will require wearing a wetsuit – no action needed – LGBT person or ally
– 1x business type male identifier – role will require speaking on the phone – LGBT person or ally fine
– 1x gay male identifying couple + their child (child under 5) – scene will see dads buckling child into car seat
– 1x lesbian couple (2 women) – scene
If interested please contact Stephanie Porto
Danielle Levitt Studio
917 331 2344

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