Pollution in Capparicca beach ( number 19) PORTUGAL

I have stayed at Capparicca beach ( number 19) twice in the past 2 years. My camping car was broken into and the police say that robberies have multiplied tenfold in 2015 due to influxes of immigrants according to the police. However that can happen anywhere. Please be very careful about leaving your car in the car parks.

What is really disappointing is the litter and mess particularly on the gay beaches and dune areas behind them. A simple plea; come on guys, CLEAR UP! Take a plastic bag for your disposables and dispose of them correctly, not just thrown on the sand or hung in tree branches. Everyone else is trying hard to keep Portugal clean and tidy and change attitudes. This nature zone is being ruined by dirty, selfish people who cannot be bothered to take used tissues, condoms etc back home or dispose of them correctly. This poses a health and environmental risk and spoils what is otherwise a beautiful coastal area. Areas used for cruising have become little better than 3rd world toilet areas. These areas are not the exclusive reserve of the gay community; other people use them for bird watching and other activities, but it is very clear the international gay community is contaminating them and couldn’t care less about the environment. I wish to publish this information on GS so that these areas remain enjoyable and accessable  for everyone, now and in the future. Thank you, Peter

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