2012 International Gay Surfers day

On the 21st of july 2012, Gay Surfers from around the world will get together at 9am to share a day of surf at 50 different surf spots (below). This is the second edition of the International Gay Surfers day. Click on the link for your Group and post on the Group’s homepage to organise meeting […]

Vision is Everything for Scott Needham

Scott Needham is a man of vision. As a professional photographer, he is one of the originators of the extreme sports genre of lifestyle and photography. His work is astonishingly beautiful and he possesses the rare gift of being able to define culture through his art, especially surf culture. Scott’s CV reads like a who’s […]

End of Summer Session in San Diego

“End of Summer” It wasn’t really the end of summer at the Oceanside north jetty last weekend, because…well, we all know that summers are endless in the surfing world. It was more like the beginning of a new set of friends gathering to celebrate endless new sets. The clouds broke and the sun shone as […]


Getting a Push — Into the Whoosh It has been said, “When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.” Such is the nature of being part of a tribe. Sure, there’re the rites of passage, the tribal clothes, the signifiers of rank and dominance, […]

Gay surfers ready for an international wave

WRITTEN BY SERKAN OZTURK | 23 JUNE 2011 Published by City Voice newspaper On July 17, salty haired surfers from around the city will gather at the iconic Manly and Bondi beaches to take part in the first ever International Gay Surfers Day. The day has been organised by trailblazing website GaySurfers.net following the quick […]

Saltwater in my Veins, by Renee Schwartz

By Renee Schwartz Renne, a transgendered surfer from South Australia wrote the true story of her own surfing life. She would love to go surfing again with her new identity… Content Growing up in Adelaide 1959 – What a year it was. I’ll never forget it! Those lazy, crazy Summer Days Surfing with the Postie […]

1st International Gay Surfers DAY

On the 17th of july 2011, Gay Surfers from around the world got together to share a day of surf at 50 different surf spots (below) Argentina – Playas de Mar del Plata – click here AUSTRALIA – Byron Bay – Belongil Beach – click here AUSTRALIA – Gold Coast – Broadbeach – click here […]

Como Uma Onda No Mar

By Irving Alves, published by Junior Magazine May 2011 NA NOVELA, NO CINEMA E NA INTERNET, É A HORA DO SURFISTA GAY MOSTRAR SUA CARA. É fato que surfistas representam um dos maiores fetiches entre gays. Um dos exemplos que confirmam isso foi o sucesso que o filme “De Repente Califórnia (Shelter)” fez em todo […]

Gay surfers head south

Following their first-ever march in the Mardi Gras parade, members of the Gay Surfers group will embark on their first surf trip in May. The group, which recently celebrated its first birthday, now has almost 3000 members from around 80 countries. The Sydney chapter is particularly strong, with group founder Thomas a Sydney native. The […]

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