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A breakthrough film exposing the taboo of homosexuality in surfing A documentary by Thomas Castets & Ian Thomson Duration: 85 minutes running time Format: […]

Written by Hayley MacDonald – Published by Fuse Magazine in Australia (March / April 2012) TEXT VERSION AUSTRALIA AS A NATION STANDS PROUD BEHIND ITS […] – 2011 summary “There are gay people everywhere, in every profession, in all sports, including the surfing world. Yet, it’s not easy to meet […]

On the 17th of july 2011, Gay Surfers from around the world got together to share a day of surf at 50 different surf spots […]

This year, a group of surfers marched with their surfboards in the parade of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia. Thomas, the […]

“For all of the eye-opening experiences associated with the sport of surfing, there still seems to be very little mention or acknowledgment of surfing’s gay […] launched in February this year. In just 6 months we managed to gather more than 2150 members on the site!

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