Haiyan and the Shattered Surfboards

All is SWELL… I grew up in a country composed of 7,107 islands with the most beautiful beaches and happiest people on Earth… thePhilippines. The Philippines is well-known because of it’s tropical maritime climate and one-of-a-kind culture. This country is also known as the summer capital on Earth, which is usually humid and hot, and […]

Between Tubes and Taboos (english Version)

“Originally published by TRIP magazine Brazil – 24.10.2011 | By Sara Stopazzolli” – Thanks to Victor for the translation! Click here to read the article in Portuguese (original Version) The world of surf is way funnier than the stereotypes that are intended to us to believe – as a social network with more than 3.000 […]

“Totally Gay”, by Brad Melekian

Thanks to @wavvves , we found this article written by Brad Melekian, called “Totally Gay” and published in 2007, about brad’s friend’s coming out story as a gay surfer who thought he was the only gay surfer in the world… They probably have heard of GaySurfers.net by now, but just to make sure I would […]

Como Uma Onda No Mar

By Irving Alves, published by Junior Magazine May 2011 NA NOVELA, NO CINEMA E NA INTERNET, É A HORA DO SURFISTA GAY MOSTRAR SUA CARA. É fato que surfistas representam um dos maiores fetiches entre gays. Um dos exemplos que confirmam isso foi o sucesso que o filme “De Repente Califórnia (Shelter)” fez em todo […]

The secret sexuality of surfing

Published by TRACKS magazine, Australia. May 2011. (Read the Full version here) It’s a secret. It’s surfIng. and It’s sexual. fark, It’s a headlIner rod cunthorpe would gIve hIs crusty rIght gonad for. Words By the fly. Surfing’s latest so-called dark secret was going down quietly long before surf legend cum gender bender peter drouyn […]

The Rosy Resurrection

By Jamie Brisick | 11 February 2011 Shedding Peter Drouyn and becoming Westery Windina By Jamie Brisick Westerly Windina peers into a vintage hand mirror and applies ruby-red lipstick to her puckered lips. She wears a white blouse, red bolero jacket, black slit skirt, black-and-white Chanel-style ballerina flats, and gold chunk jewelry. She sits with […]

Fluo surfer

Just found this photo in a Brazilian publication FFW Mag recently ran this oddly tantalizing editorial that’s a giddy mix of ’60s beach movies and the ’80s sci-fi cult flick Liquid Sky. Shot in Rio de Janeiro by the photography team of Zee Nunes and Andre Katapodi.

Coming Out: To Be a Gay Surfer

“For all of the eye-opening experiences associated with the sport of surfing, there still seems to be very little mention or acknowledgment of surfing’s gay community,” says GaySurfers.Net Founder, Thomas C. (pictured in West Timor). Surfers like to travel, and, luckily, our nomadic tendencies give us the opportunity to learn about the world’s races, religions, […]

Diversity In Surfing: We Need More of It

I’m not sure if it’s just a recent trend or the result of years of forced apathy on behalf of surf publications, but issues of diversity have meandered onto center stage of the surf journalism theater as a result of Mick Fanning’s regrettable use of the phrase “f–king Jew” in a controversial Stab Magazine feature, and […]

Rippin’ Gaysurfers.net

With its chill, let-it-all-hang-out image – and its show-off-that-bodacious-body beach environment – you’d think surfing would offer a welcome haven for gay men in the larger, often homophobic sports world. Think again. When a magazine article implied that rising star Cheyne Horan was gay, he lost endorsements and friends. When a top-ranked surfer Robbins Thompson’s […]

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