By Jamie Brisick | 11 February 2011 Shedding Peter Drouyn and becoming Westery Windina By Jamie Brisick Westerly Windina peers into a vintage hand mirror […]

Find Help & Support-Worldwide Helplines Need someone to help talk you through a problem? Unsure why you feel depressed and can’t seem to shake it? […]

Gay Surfers at Sydney Mardi Gras 2011 – The video documentary Gay Surfers at Sydney Mardi Gras 2011 -TV broadcast

Just found this photo in a Brazilian publication FFW Mag recently ran this oddly tantalizing editorial that’s a giddy mix of ’60s beach movies and […]

Social networking site to bring gay surfers together and maybe even change the tide in their favor MORGAN M. HURLEY – SDGLN COPY EDITOR November […]

Justin’s looking like he is winning the “t-shirt design comp”… Here is where you can get one for yourself:

“For all of the eye-opening experiences associated with the sport of surfing, there still seems to be very little mention or acknowledgment of surfing’s gay […]

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