GS meeting in Bondi Beach (jan 2010) – Photos

5 thoughts on “GS meeting in Bondi Beach (jan 2010) – Photos

  1. Thomas .It was a great day, and it is good to have a kneeboarder between all all those boardriders.( joke.)
    Thank you fore getting us all together, and having a laugh and a good time. Glen.

  2. Aloha Thomas!
    Looks like you guys had a great meet….
    How was the water? I see guys in just trunks to springs to full suits… Hope you met some awesome guys!
    Sending lots of Love and Aloha,

  3. Hi gang,
    was a great day in and out of the water – thanks guys (didn’t even snap my board on those huge dumpers!!)
    Nice photos but pity the group shot is such low resolution. Did anyone take any more for posterity?

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