GS taglines: “Fruits de mer”

When visiting San Diego last year, I remember walking up the cliff at Blacks Beach with a couple of gay surfers.
Jonathan kept coming up with taglines for “Regular and goofy foot welcome!”, “Paddle Out!”, “Balanced in Diversity”…
But the best one I thought was “Fruits de mer”!
‘Fruits of the sea’ in french is used to describe all kind of seafood (shells, lobsters… all except fish).. I loved the idea of 3 words that could describe us, other than gay surfers.. and that’s what we are, fruits … of the sea…

I wanted to add flashing taglines in the header that would load up randomly, but I never did… So before I forget it, here it is on the site …

I will publish any illustration you send me, so don’t hesitate to start putting your ideas into photoshop with the GS logo in it. (click on the image to download high res element)

7 thoughts on “GS taglines: “Fruits de mer”

  1. Dudes, come on….Fruits of the Sea? Thanks but no thanks. Ive only seen and heard “fruits” used in a derogatory manner and I have no desire to be included in that category.

  2. I dont think its derogatory at all, its a double meaning, being that we eat what comes from the sea and the other is a hidden message only we as gay surfers will know… I like it…

  3. To be able to laugh at yourself is a greater strength than taking yourself or asking others to take you too seriously. The reason we can’t imagine our parents having sex, is the result is US, and we take ourselves way too seriously. The sex act is ludicrous — just watch dogs or turtles. But we who are self-defined as same-sex beings, hey sex is ludicrous, straight, gay, whatever, our pride fails to allow the ludicrousness of it all. But sex is what makes the world go round. Asexual reproduction is monocultural and ever in danger.

    BTW. I think you have to be a French speaker to get Fruits de Mer anyhow. The images of shellfish is just too damn literal to be funny in the least and strangles it completely, IMHO. Wait do I even have a humble opinion? Ok so I’m a complete asshole — see I do have a sense of humor.

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