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“White Wash” is available for streaming on Netflix.
The spectrum of surfers isn’t just guys, or white guys, or straight white guys — there’s a whole range out there beyond the media stereotype.
The trailer is interesting.

Ben Harper narrates this documentary about black surfers’ struggles both on and off the board, and their role in the larger fight for racial equality. The film examines surfing’s roots through the eyes of a number of African American wave riders.

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  1. Sounds like a great documentary from the trailer.

    And from the short excerpt, it’s definitely true that everyone’s perception of surf world as “white, straight, male” is just simply based on the media and what’s shown on magazines and TV.

    Otherwise, my summer surfing in North Coast of the DR was with many black & Hispanic surfers. I’ll add myself as an Asian to the mix.

    As I like to put it: “Surf is surf, the ocean doesn’t judge the color of our skin.”

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