Drown (The Movie)

Another feature film about a gay surfer is currently in Production:

Three surf lifesavers on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying. Based on the acclaimed play by Stephen Davis and following the themes of Dean Francis’ controversial short Boys Grammar, DROWN is a hard-hitting micro-budget drama set against the iconic backdrop of Bondi Beach.

10 thoughts on “Drown (The Movie)

  1. wow… looks intense. Hopefully this isnt based on a true story. i would hope this kind of crap doenst really go on. idk, i think surf should be about surf, not sexuality.

  2. Fuck, how hideous!! When are they going to stop portraying gay guys as hopeless cases or victims who get beaten ,vilified, bullied , victimised and murdered!! I and many of us, have lived through enough of this in my own real waking life. And yes it may be from an ‘acclaimed’ play,, doesnt make it any less stereotypical, and horrific . So every redneck yop homophobe surfie, who gets a look at this will piss in his boardshorts, just what he’s wanted, a confirmation that his hatred of pooftas is justfied, and to get out there and bash , and kill some more of those filthy faggots,,

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