San Diego June 30th, Black’s Beach paddle out and BBQ

The party on June 30th was great, but the video clips didn’t come out so good. So I didn’t spend much time throwing this together. It is a total NO FILLS video. Regardless the recording, it was an awesome time and gathering. Thanks Matt.

3 thoughts on “San Diego June 30th, Black’s Beach paddle out and BBQ

  1. The surfing was a lot of fun that day. 3-4 feet. Waters were warming up enough to “trunk it”. There were 19 guys surfing on that day (and 1 string ray attack). But what a great site to see all those guys in the line up. At one point I turned to see guy after guy dropping in on lefts and rights (caught on video). Jon had some big rides on his long board. Jess was cutting up the inside all day. I don’t think he was ever out of the water. There was so much surfing that I didn’t even see half of everyone who was there.
    But as you can see, a freakin water spot formed on the camera and kinda ruined that great sequence of guys surfing.
    Then at the party, there were 33 guys (and only 24 hamburgers…) Okay, I’m just being cynical. Plenty of guys brought plenty of food and we all ate and drank into the night. And I think a few guys got laid too.

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