GS party at Black’s Beach (VIDEO)

On Saturday May 12th, the members form San Diego organized a BBQ and
party on top of the cliff at Black’s Beach.

16 thoughts on “GS party at Black’s Beach (VIDEO)

  1. We had a great time. Unfortunately the waves were small, and the rides were really short, but it was sunny and warm (San Diego is often cloudy and cool). You can see in the line up there were a lot of us there. And this was only half the group because some guys were busy. (On Memorial Day [May 28th} there were about 20 gay surfers at Black’s. And not just us 40-something year olds. There is a group of 20-somethings who are now learning to surf after watching us old guys for years. We are more than happy to give them advice. Even let some of them climb on my longboard for a ride). (:O)

    Some new faces showed up at the BBQ and party afterwards. It was great meeting the other members, and we will have another BBQ and party soon. Even if the 370 foot cliff (more than 100 meters) is too much for some to climb with a longboard, everyone is welcome to join us for the after surf party.

    See you next time.


  2. On Fire! That was my termite ridden stairway down from my kitchen to my garden that’s the bonfire fuel, that is. Nice to see their empire burn, and so much revelry around it. Is it wrong to celebrate so many deaths? Will we burn in hell for this?

  3. Hi Matt, I’m fairly new with To be honest just recently met another GS guy. Been surfing since 8yrs. old. Funny how time can make things happen. They didn’t ask, I didn’t tell,( X-Navy and all that} used to surf Blacks etc.. I know it’s more about the surfing, but there was something about for the 1st time out of all these years of surfing meeting another GS guy. My bear was so stoked we rented him a board the next day and away he went in the white water. This GS thing is igniting people to pick-up aboard that normally wouldn’t. I enjoyed seeing the video, to bad about the surf. When’s the next BBQ,I’ll be on the west coast July thru Sept.?

    1. In July will be the International gay surfers paddle out day. The SoCali session will most likely will be at San Onofre. Details will be posted once known.

  4. it was a great time even though the waves were small. welcome to the group Gregg. hope to see you guys at the next get together. hopefully the swell will be in our favor. might even do some filming with the go pro this time.

  5. Looks like fun! I used to live in San Diego back in ’99. That is where I bought my surfboard from. At Star Surfing Co. on Mission Bay Drive. I wonder if it is still there?

    1. Okay, cool. I can definitely loan you a board for the day. Let me know when you are here. This past week end had some fun waves and sun. I hope we get the same next week end.

  6. I wish I could have made it there to enjoy all the great company!!! I may be coming in Sept for the Gay Surf Documentary!!! and maybe even a little surf trip down south of the border I hear!!! Cant Wait to meet you all… I hear so many Great things about the San Diego group!!
    Woooo Hooo!
    Aloha nui….
    Michael 😉

  7. All I can say is that I surfed a lot, drank a lot, smoked a lot of pot (IT’S OKAY, THIS IS CALIFORNIA, IT’S MEDICINAL) and don’t remember much.

  8. Great vid and tunes guys, nice one. Looks like the times in the water and on the beach that usually have with the str8 crew… might be a few cheekier jokes tho i suspect. v cool.

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