2012 GS design competition

Showcase your talents! The submission period is now over but you can vote until April 1st, 2012. Here are the guidelines: 1. Designs must include your version of the existing GS logo (click on the image to download a high resolution image for your use)You can change the colors and the shape of the fins […]

Keala Kennelly: Beat on the Road

If women’s shortboarding were a song, Keala Kennelly would be the baseline. The deep, pulsating beat beneath the melody that keeps the tempo; the feeling of a heart beat pushing through a cacophony of noise. It’s no surprise that Keala is also a DJ, a mixologist of sound, finding the right beats to marry for […]

Proliferating Stereotypes for Profit

Written by Cori Schumacher. Originally published by The Inertia on May 30th, 2011. In the world of surfing, as in any other cultural hegemony that values American masculinity to the exclusion of other perspectives, the feminine is the Other, the “like me but hotter,” and is conceived of as an object with a greater or […]

For Female Surfers, Challenge is Out of the Water

Cori Schumacher during the longboard championships in France in July. She is boycotting an event in China because of “deep political and personal reservations.” By ZACH WEISBERG, Published: March 26, 2011, on nytimes.com Cori Schumacher is the reigning women’s world longboard champion, yet she has no major sponsors or endorsements. In fact, she refuses them, […]

The Rosy Resurrection

By Jamie Brisick | 11 February 2011 Shedding Peter Drouyn and becoming Westery Windina By Jamie Brisick Westerly Windina peers into a vintage hand mirror and applies ruby-red lipstick to her puckered lips. She wears a white blouse, red bolero jacket, black slit skirt, black-and-white Chanel-style ballerina flats, and gold chunk jewelry. She sits with […]

CoastOut photos

Even though it is 6 months old, I just received some photos of CoastOut, the gay and Lebian beach festival that happened in October last year in Coffs Harbour, Australia. CoastOut 2011 will happen on 28, 29, 30 October 2011 Register to attend with other Gay Surfers here: https://www.gaysurfers.net/events/active/coastout-2011/

Coffs’ CoastOut Festival a success

THE gamble to stage Australia’s first gay and lesbian beach festival in Coffs Harbour, and the world’s first gay and lesbian surf comp, seems to have paid off with crowds of up to 1000 people at some events over the weekend. Festival organiser Todd Buttery said he was overwhelmed with the response from locals and […]

Coast Out – The first ever Gay Surf comp!

CoastOut is the Coffs Coast’s premiere Gay, Lesbian and friends Festival! It is also the FIRST Beach Festival in the country of its kind. Experience Coffs Harbour and all its natural beauty. CoastOut is an Art, Sport, and Cultural festival, celebrating the diversity of our community. Sunday 31st October Park Beach Coffs Harbour Opens $38…

Beached by homophobia; how Robbins Thompson caught a wave of antigay sentiment and quit the professional surfing circuit.

Originally published by The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian news magazine) on November 25, 1997 When former professional surfer Robbins Thompson went on NBC’s Dateline to talk about an infamous old pal, alleged spree killer Andrew Cunanan, waves of homophobia hammered him for days afterward at San Diego’s beaches. The wisecracks and contemptuous stares came […]

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