Australian surf photographer and journalist John Witzig documented some of the most important events in surfing through the 1960s and 70s. I remember reading that […]

Jamie Brisick just announced the release of his book: Becoming Westerly: Surf Champion Peter Drouyn’s Transformation into Westerly Windina. “I first met Westerly in 2009 […]

Story written by Tim from Canada – 2012 To date most of my excursions into Neptune’s domain have been in tropical waters, where one gets […]

“Surfing is the feeling of being part of a natural world where there are no divisions such as those existing on land. These moments provide […]

Story by Robbins Thompson, illustration by Matt Holmes, March 2012.       “I have to Pee.” “Hold it.” “I can’t.” “Jesus Robbins your such […]

Story written by Robbins Thompson, 2012 “I have to Pee.” “Hold it.” “I can’t.” “Jesus Robbins your such a girl.” “My dick is bigger than […]

This is an excerpt from the short novel by Andy Schell. It’s a gay coming of age surfer novel. Kensington Books originally published it in […]

Story by Robbins Thompsons. 2011 – Memories of a surf trip in Baja California, Mexico. A friend and I decided to go on a little […]

By Renee Schwartz Renne, a transgendered surfer from South Australia wrote the true story of her own surfing life. She would love to go surfing […]

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