GS newsletter (november 2011)

Click here to see the original newsletter. Greetings GS members! We hope this November finds you exhausted from surfing too much, enjoying each other’s company and finding new connections through! This short newsletter will be dedicated to briefing you about ways you can contribute to the community through video submissions, graphic designing and artwork, […]

A day in the life of gay surfers

We are making a short video that contains footage from at least 20 different gay surfers. The reason being is to present who gay surfers are, and show through a video how diverse our lifestyles can be. The greater variety of lifestyles of gay surfers represented , the more accurate the image of GS. Michael, […]

Try live chat on GS

Try the LIVE CHAT on GS. 1. What does the ‘New Chat’ button do? The New Chat button allows you to start a conversation about any topic you would like to talk about. Splitting conversations up allows people interested in specific subjects to easily find each other and have a meaningful conversation. The New Chat […]


Here is what some of the members send me: I just wanted to say thanks for starting this site. I’ve recently come out and finding this site has been really helpful. I’m stoked to see a gay and surfing related site that isn’t porn! Kevin Thanks. I hope this site takes off. Plenty of gay […] …

… the only Gay Surfers community… You will find gay surfing articles a forums to chat with other members, a list of gay friendly surf spots, a list of films that relate to both ‘gay’ and ‘surfing’. Now that you are registered you can, edit your profile, comment on posts / forums, search for other gay surfers, send private messages, […]

New Report


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