Try live chat on GS

Try the LIVE CHAT on GS.

1. What does the ‘New Chat’ button do?
The New Chat button allows you to start a conversation about any topic you would like to talk about. Splitting conversations up allows people interested in specific subjects to easily find each other and have a meaningful conversation. The New Chat button will always create a public chat that is viewable to everyone and can be viewed by the site owner later.
2. What is a private chat?
Private chats are started by clicking the ‘chat’ link next to a user’s name. They will always say ‘Private Chat’ at the top and are not visible to anybody else beside the participants. They are not availabe to the site owner or anyone else.
3. Can I have a group private chat?
Yes. Start a private chat with one person and then drag-and-drop the names of the other people you’d like to private chat with into the window.
4. Someone is being a jerk, what can I do about it?
You can roll over that user’s name and click ‘block’. They will no longer be able to interact with you.
If you are the creator of a public chat you can roll over that person’s name and click ‘boot’. This will remove them from the chat. Admins can also ban users by IP address.
As a chat creator, you also have the ability to clear the chat history (in the event someone says something inappropriate) by selecting the option from the menu at the top of the chat.
5. What does the ‘type a status message here’ box do?
Once enter is pressed, it sends a message to everyone on the page in the form of a popup that appears in the lower right hand corner of their screen. For example, if you frequent a job board, such as you could broadcast: “Looking for a job as a iPhone App Developer.”
6. If there is a chat that nobody is using, when does it go away?
If there is no activity in a chat within the last 15 minutes, and there are less than 2 people in the chat, the tab will be removed from the page.
7. Are chats encrypted?
No. Just like Facebook chat, Envolve does not use SSL. Chat messages are transmitted in plain text.
8. Do you store my chat history?
Everything you say in a public chat is saved and available to you in the ‘Chat History’ tab on the site backend. The transcript is also available to the site owner. Everything you type in a public chat you should consider completely public.
9. How do you do the translation?
We detect your browser’s language and the language of the other user. If the languages do not match we give you the option to enable translation for that and all future messages.

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