New business cards

3 thoughts on “New business cards

  1. Just quick thoughts: Did you try portrait style? Where will your names/titles go? How about the tagline?

    Very cool, and maybe make them available in downloadable form for Administrators of the groups so they could generate more interest and members when they’re out and about!

    1. Hey Brian
      These don’t have a names/titles, they are just to give out
      I already sent to print, but will consider vertical for the next batch
      Are you a designer ? I could use help in that regard…
      Hey also, I will send you an email to ask if you want to be an ADMIN for Los Angeles…

  2. I think “Paddle Out” should be on the front, upper left, same side as the surfboards (is quick-read visual mission statement), and the minutiae, info@ email address, etc. should be on the back. I don’t know why portrait would be better than landscape which fits more info. Good idea downloadable for local group admins to print.

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