End of Summer Session in San Diego

“End of Summer” It wasn’t really the end of summer at the Oceanside north jetty last weekend, because…well, we all know that summers are endless in the surfing world. It was more like the beginning of a new set of friends gathering to celebrate endless new sets. The clouds broke and the sun shone as […]

San Diego Chapter of GS at first annual meetup 2011

San Onofre is a State Park, home to many world renowned surf breaks. Trestles, Cotton, Middles, Church, Old Man’s, etc. Trail Six is to the very south. http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/san-onofre-southern-california_4237/satellite-view/ This natural beach is both a nude bathing refuge and is tangent to the Marine Corps military base of Camp Pendleton, one of America’s largest and most […]

A Huge Wave of Support!

Written by David Wakefield, 8th March 2011. We all had a blast at this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras. GaySurfers.net went off! Our members worked as an organised and creative force to construct a great float, orchestrate our march and make it a fantastic moment in surfing’s history. The music, the costumes, the anticipation and sense […]

CoastOut photos

Even though it is 6 months old, I just received some photos of CoastOut, the gay and Lebian beach festival that happened in October last year in Coffs Harbour, Australia. CoastOut 2011 will happen on 28, 29, 30 October 2011 Register to attend with other Gay Surfers here: https://www.gaysurfers.net/events/active/coastout-2011/

Mardi Gras – GS float planning

Thanks guys for turning up last night at the lounge. Here is a summary of what we talked about yesterday; ATTENDANCE There are now 12 people that are definitely joining on the parade and another 11 maybes! (check list of attendees on the event page: https://www.gaysurfers.net/events/active/mardi-gras-festival-in-sydney/attendees/ To join you must be a surfer (gay, bi, […]

New Report


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