Mardi Gras – GS float planning

Thanks guys for turning up last night at the lounge.

Here is a summary of what we talked about yesterday;

There are now 12 people that are definitely joining on the parade and another 11 maybes! (check list of attendees on the event page:
To join you must be a surfer (gay, bi, straight… open minded is all we ask)
There will be many more people joining closer to date, but at least we have a keen core group that is big enough to go ahead now!
If you were not present at the meeting yesterday but would like to join the parade, please make sure that you click on ATTENDING on the mardi gras page;

And let me know by email ASAP


By the 10th Feb we must have finished the budget;

->Anne and Jason will get quotes from the printers
-2 banners for the side of the truck (2m X 1m) with elastics to tie to side of ute
-1 banner (2m X 1m) with poles to be carried by 2 persons walking
-500 A5 Stickers with the GS logo
->Simon organises the ute (please find out the exact size of the side of the truck for the banners)
->Michael finds out prices for the accessories (water guns, inflatable palmtrees..)
->Michael to find MP3 for IPOD for the following tracks
-Beach Boys – Surfing Safari
-Beach Boys – Surfing USA
-Hawaii Five o
->Brad to find sponsor money from Fitness First
->Scott to confirm if he can be the official photographer of the GS float
(will get a Media pass)

WHAT TO BRING (at the parade)

There is no uniform but everyone must bring;
-Sun Glasses
-Board Shorts (black or red preferably)
-Surf board (everyone will carry 1 surfboard, but we can have more on the ute if you have extra, bring it along!)
-Shoes that you can walk for 2 hours with. Someone mentioned that there is broken glass on the road and we might want to wear closed shoes…

-17th Feb is the next meeting at the World Square Pub (corner of George st and Goulburn st in the city)

Any questions, feel free to call me

Thomas 0405613827

The GS Mardi Gras float committee

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