“Out in the line-up”

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  1. Hey Guys, Love to see you filming on the beach when you’re in the USA. It’s imperative that you achieve excellence. The last 20yrs. I’ve been out wherever I surf. Not generally the conversation which most surfers ensue with other surfers they know or have just met.
    When once asked “where are you from, it’s not from here you surf better”, my reply was “I’m from Florida but came up from Ventura,CA and I might as well get it over I live here now and I’m gay.” His reply was, “what’s that have to do with anything.”
    After spending 17 yrs. in the military living in an environment where they didn’t ask and I didn’t tell, it has everything to do with how I surf. Sometimes after seeing another buddy get kicked out of the service because they were either to dumb or brave enough to not care, I went out surfing on those days with wreckless abandon not caring how big it was or how many where out, live or die, or just plainly looking for someones face to pound on the beach. Hit the bottom or someones face it didn’t matter. A couple of years ago, when having my back to everyone at the campfire facing the surf I heard FAG but checked myself (having PTSD) then turning around a few minutes later to only find all the guys looking down none would look me in the eye. No-one was willing to claim it. Got in my truck and left.
    Later on through maturity I’ve learned to keep my love for my surf mates. Turns out the guy who said it, has a father that’s a minister and he can’t escape the town where he’s lived and surfed all his life. Yep, and if you haven’t guessed it by now he had a lot of weight he has worried about he’s gay what better way than to get the sharks off your back.
    Because I surf well, over the years it hasn’t affected any of my surfing buddies, they’ve all gotten used to it. Therefore please make sure this is not just another gay documentary but that the surfing is excellent and shuts them down or inspires whomever it maybe. One question, who are you making this for, us or those who have tried to persecute us, whether successfully or unsuccessfully.

    p.s. Wish you well. Any chance knowing when and where you will be in the states?

    1. Hey Gregg, thanks for your interest in the documentary. I can assure you that our intention is to produce a high quality film. We will be featuring some very experienced surfers, but alo feel it is important to be inclusive to all levels of surfers – and suggest that the waves are there for everyone.
      Your experience in the military also adds another aspect to this story with some interesting parallels. I found it fascinating that you turned to the surf to vent your frustrations. Thanks for the story about the preacher’s son – you never know, you may meet him again in the surf sometime, or in a gay surfer’s chat room. I personally feel that visibility is a courageous way to go, and necessary to confront those demons in many people’s heads. Good on you.
      We are making this documentary to give the gay surfing community a sense of itelf, but also to reach across to the general surfing scene and straight people interested in social issues. We hope to overturn some of the old clichés and tell human stories in a bid to promote tolerance and acceptance in and out of the water.
      We will be in the US in October, shooting in San Diego.
      Please stay in touch.
      Regards, Ian.

  2. Hey Steven,
    We will be in San Diego from the 12th to 25th october.
    We will film a group surf session Sunday, October 14 at Black’s Beach and hope you can make it
    I ll post more details will come in the next newsletter.

  3. As from the teaser, the approach of Out in the Line Up sounds really nice. It’s a shame the Brazilian shootings have been cancelled, but I understand it is not easy to deal with different cultures, different languages (not only idioms) and different stages of political development. But since gay surfers are everywhere – not only in Australia and North America – I hope this film finds a language that can be understood by a broader community.

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