End of Summer Session in San Diego

“End of Summer” It wasn’t really the end of summer at the Oceanside north jetty last weekend, because…well, we all know that summers are endless in the surfing world. It was more like the beginning of a new set of friends gathering to celebrate endless new sets. The clouds broke and the sun shone as […]

Saltwater in my Veins, by Renee Schwartz

By Renee Schwartz Renne, a transgendered surfer from South Australia wrote the true story of her own surfing life. She would love to go surfing again with her new identity… Content Growing up in Adelaide 1959 – What a year it was. I’ll never forget it! Those lazy, crazy Summer Days Surfing with the Postie […]

5 Longboard Surfing Tips

5 Longboard Surfing Tips By: Ryan Curtin Break Studios Contributing Writer http://www.mademan.com/mm/5-longboard-surfing-tips.html These five longboard tips are designed for the intermediate rider to improve his or her style. Longboarding is all about style, and the following longboard tips will help anyone get a little closer to trimming like Joel Tudor. When done properly, classic longboarding […]

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