Gay Shaper in Kauai – New website

My name is Michael Soule (soul) and I’m a Gay Surfer/Shaper.
I have just launched my new site .
The site has been a longtime coming, but I finally did it with the help of my better half Mark Bedford…
Weeks of editing and sleepless nights have poured into this project until recently we looked at eachother and said “Launch”! We are both very excited to see the responses and orders to come in! We would like nothing better than to surf up the gay (worldwide) community.. Whatever your surfboard requirements are.
So..check out the site and let us know what you think
We ship everywhere..
Call us for a good time!

7 thoughts on “Gay Shaper in Kauai – New website

  1. I’m also a shaper, from Portugal but i don’t have time, at the moment to make some boards
    i only have time to repair dings!
    you have a beautyful shortboards.
    welcome 🙂

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