Gay Surfers Website Launches (by Michael Hamar)

I have loved surfing since my son began surfing 14 years ago. Taking up the sport in mid-life was a challenge, but the thrill of the ocean, the great exercise and the camaraderie are great. For one stretch of time I had not missed surfing one or more times a month for 70 straight months.

Now that I live in Hampton, it’s about 45-60 minutes to the nearest good surf spot, so I will admit that I’ve been pretty remiss in getting in the water regularly of late. Paddling out and letting all your focus rest on the waves and the beauty around you is a tremendous stress reliever. On a beautiful early morning “dawn patrol,” it can be an almost religious experience.

I am sure that there are plenty of LGBT surfers in this area – we are, after all, everywhere – but in surfing’s sometimes macho culture, one surely does not have an opportunity to meet them. Now, a website launched out of Australia may change all that long term change and end the sense of isolation that can exist. Same Same has details on the new website – which I have already joined – and I recommend that surfers check it out:

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