Dykes on Boards

By Cathay Che

There’s no denying that while men still dominate the lineups in SoCal, more and more women are literally jumping on board. Laura Hershey, 41, gets out at least two times a week, and recently decided to look for new surfing buddies by placing an ad for a San Diego Dyke Surf Club. “Well, I was single, plus it’s dangerous to surf alone, and it’s so much more fun to have people cheer for you when you get up on a wave. That’s what we do–really get stoked for each other.” Hershey says about half a dozen rippers show up for the club on Sunday mornings at Tourmaline Beach, followed by breakfast at a nearby café.

Hershey says she’s positive there are more lesbian surfers out there. As for the professional surf world, rumors abound about the sexuality of some of the top female stars, but it’s a bit of a taboo subject. “It’s definitely easier for a nobody soul-surfer like me to be out because I don’t have to worry about keeping or losing those lucrative sponsorships,” Hershey says. For more information about the San Diego Dyke Surf Club call 619-222-5299.

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